Where We Get Off

(Unless otherwise by-lined, assume all articles are by site coordinator Mark Hurley. Guest authors are frequent and appreciated.)

A Mission Statement:

The first rule for the writers of The Bajeezus is no apologies. If you can’t find one article on The Bajeezus that feels like a deep, personal, middle finger stab wound to the taint, then you are probably a writer at The Bajeezus. Unlike your usual internet mutually-masturbatory editorial sources, The Bajeezus has no agenda, no thru-line other than to make a different small segment of the world’s populace gag, daily. We are here for no other reason than to show you our balls. Metaphorically. Literally, by request.

We are atheists and we are believers, we are Freemasons and professional human chess pieces. We tend to describe things in terms of their relative values to dicks and poop. We are soccer haters and football fans, but all can be described as hooligans. We are conspiracy theorists and cynics, addicts and casual users. We are over-educated and pompous, street level and dirty. We are incestuous, baffling, and probably drunk. We are activists and couch potatoes, and we have more to say than our crippled little minds can contain. If you agree with the sentiment of a piece, but can’t get behind it due to a few naughty words, that’s a “you problem,” and you should get that looked at.

We are also, for all of this, masochists. Send your abuse to The Bitch Box and we will pour your abuse in a kiddie pool, and swim in it like your mom does in scat. A reiteration: you will not receive an apology in response, but we will hear you, and we will respond. That was a threat, not a promise.


If you want a guest post on The Bajeezus, fire off a filthy sample to The Bitch Box, bitch.